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Wedding Feasts

The Lasota Palace is the perfect place for a wedding feast. This is due not just to the impeccable event organization, but also the unique locale, which all our guests appreciate.

The wedding feast offer is transparent and fair, with no hidden extra fees like corkage fee (payment for bringing your own alkohol) or additional service fees or parking fees, etc. The only things our price does not include are liquor, music and floral decorations. Furthermore, between May and October, the price includes a wedding cake from the Sowa cake shop.

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Our place is recommended by  Wedding Dream Izabela Janachowska – read the review here “Miejsce idealne na wesele: Pałac Lasotów”.

The Locale

The wedding feasts take place inside the palace, where elegance and refinement are defined by every detail. The chairs match the color of the walls, which bear original frescoes. The guests are seated at original, XIX century tables, whose layout and distribution we can adjust according to the number of the guests. We are able to accomodate a maximum of 150 guests at a time.
The Palace is always rented exclusively to our Wedding Guests.

Party Setting

Should our guests wish it – we welcome them in original XIX century clothing and lead the newlyweds to their parents, where they are greeted in the traditional Polish way, with bread and salt.

The guests are all offered a welcome glass of champagne.


We offer our Guests help and advice from the very first stages of event planning. This includes contact information for musicians and DJs, florists, dancing lessons at the Palace, and contacting printeries for invitations or wedding dress boutiques with special offers for our Guests.

Outdoor wedding

In the summer season, we organize outdoor weddings, whose popularity grows by the year. During the ceremony, the Bride and the Groom may speak their vows surrounded by our historic park, or – in case of bad weather – in the Ballroom, decorated with replicas of Jean-Pierre Norblin’s paintings.

Additional Accomodations

The newlyweds receive a honeymoon suite for the night. The suite connects to a two-level tower, at the bride’s exclusive disposal, allowing her to truly feel like a princess. Additionally, the Palace can accomodate 16 Guests for the night. For any additional Guests, we recommend the services of the hotel facing the Palace, which can house up to 80 and offers special prices for our Guests.


At the Lasota Palace, we allow all of our guests to individually choose the dishes that are to be prepared for their special day. The Newlyweds are free to choose from among dozens of dishes that our chefs can prepare, limited only by the types and amounts of dishes, as per our specifications.

We specialize primarily in modern and traditional Polish cuisine, which best matches the style of the palace, but we always make every effort possible to accomodate for our guests‘ preferences and requirements.

What sets us apart is that all dishes, from pastas, through soups, meat platters (pâtés, roast pork, etc.) to homemade ice cream and pastries – are prepared by our personnel locally.

As dictated by the elegant, traditional Polish customs, soups are served usually in vases. Main courses are served in large serving platters, so that each guest may help themselves to whatever they please. We also offer German service, with all courses served ready on dishes, as well as upon our Guests’ special request – French service (at an additional fee) – with one waiter per five guests, and all food served individually by the waiting staff.Upon request, we may also prepare vegetarian, vegan, lactose- or gluten-free dishes.

The costs of food for additional staff of our guests (such as musicians, DJs, dance leaders, photographers, etc.) are 50% of the base price. The same applies to children aged between 3 and 10 years.


The success of a wedding feast is largely dependent on the service quality. We therefore undertake to ensure it by employing a professional waiting team, experienced in working in embassies, ministries and some of the best hotels. Service of such high quality finds appreciation in all our guests.

Additional Attractions

The comfort and satisfaction of our guests are of utmost importance to us, therefore we aim to assist in organizing their special day, sharing our know-how and experience.

Upon our customers‘ request, we provide additional attractions as part of the wedding feast (such as a Hunter‘s table) or enhancing the overall experience (fireworks, flair bartending, illusionists, knight fights with vice world champions etc.).

Another attraction we offer our guests is a treasure hunt, spanning the nearly 700 m2 wide palace cellars. The hunt usually takes place around 10 PM, with the guests descending into the cellars with candles, following a luminous waltz in the ballroom, adding to the magic of the wedding.

Additionally, as a special for the next year, we organize free Wedding cake tasting in the Sowa Pattiserie, as well as 1 kg per 10 guests free of additional charge (between May and October).

Feel free to give us a call and arrange a visit to the palace and come see it personally. We can assure you that even the most beautiful photos could not fully convey the charm of this extraordinary place. We would love to show you around and answer any questions you might have

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