ul. Warszawska 289, 05-082 Zielonki Parcele
+48 607 277 886, +48 22 733 07 60EN PL

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The Lasota Palace
is an extraordinary place,

where the historic and traditional meet the modern. This unique combination serves as the perfect backdrop for some of the most important moments in our Guests‘ lives, which we have the utmost pleasure of arranging.

Hidden away in an oasis of green, 13.5 km from Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, close to the capital, but away from the city noise, the beautiful XIX century palace is a place which transforms experiences into some of the most wonderful memories. We therefore proudly invite you to visit and make use of our offer.

The Lasota Palace has everything you need to organize an exceptional event:

Beautiful style

Original taste

Impressive class

Chic and elegance

Memorable moments

Our strengths:


  • Is a unique place, with extraordinary history and beautiful interiors
  • Offers world-class service
  • Presents original and tasty traditional Polish cuisine


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